Department of Foreign Languages, Salem State University

Graduation 2003

On May 17, 2003, three SSU students graduated with a major in Spanish, although only one was listed in the program, Monika Blazikova. Monika wasn't present at graduation but here is a picture of her when she gave a presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium:

The other two students did show up, as you can see in the pictures below of the big screen when the two of them went to pick up their diplomas. First went Kelly Morris (she also majored in Geography and that's where she was listed in the program):

Towards the end, Melinda Silveira made her appearance (she also majored in Social Work and that's where she was listed in the program):

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, none of these students could be located after the ceremony for congratulating and further picture taking. Nor could many other "regulars" of Spanish classes be found either.

Here are some of the pictures that we managed to take:

And here they are with a Spanish language student:

and James Muturi, who completed a French minor in the department:

Finally, Dr. Serra with Spanish student Jill Ells:

Congratulations to all the graduates, especially our own (elusive) ones. If anybody has any more pictures to post, please contact Dr. Aske.

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